• Self-publishing: How much are you costing us?

    Did you think it was going to be free to publish your book? I did. I had no idea that I was going to take my purse out of my bag so many times! I made a deal with my husband: no more presents for me: -o. I have to save money to keep up with my great passion! And that's okay. So goodbye (farewell sounds bad, come on!) Christmas gifts, Easter Eggs (fortunately I have a child who doesn’t love chocolate so I’ll eat them anyway!), Birthday, name-day for the next 5 years, minimum! And goodbye compulsive online shopping ... Bye, bye good old days ;-)! But I do not want to discourage you, no way... But, if you want a job well done

  • How to organise a book presentation

    Good morning! My book presentation went really well and I’m very proud of it. One of the biggest satisfactions was to write the inscriptions on the books of future “Shielded”. My hands were shaking while writing. I was so excited! A girl came up to me and she looked all insecure and excited with my book in her hands waiting for an inscription, unaware that my levels of excitment were much higher than hers! I thought of leaving you the videos of the first and second part of the presentation and a list of what to do to organise one (They are in Italian, sorry). Have a good day, Shielded! • Find a good location big enough to host at least 60 people. I was expecting...

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