Primo Blog Tour del mio libro "I Destinatari"!

  • De gustibus...

    Hello everyone! I was waiting for this stop with anxiety, excitement and butterflies in my stomach and, finally, it has arrived and I can get rid of this sore tooth. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the Review Party! I had written a completely different article that has been object of much debate (you can see what happened on the Facebook page of the book) and it was not my intention in the slightest! I do not want my book to be tied to arguments. So I made the decision to cancel what I had written. If I had been in bad faith I would not have done it, but this step didn’t help, however, calming things down. In my previous article I commented on some of the points that were raised during the reviews

  • Blog Tour: all the stops

    Update of the 05/12: STOP NUMBER 10! Review Party. Visit all the blogs listed below to find out what they thought about my book! I warn you, it's not all a bed of roses, but everyone’s tastes are different... And this was my first book, I can always improve. Update of the 01/12: STOP NUMBER 9! I was interviewed on the blog “Il Club delle lettrici comulsive”. I love interviews; they give me the opportunity to talk about my book without being afraid of being boring! Go and find out more about me. Update of the 30/11: STOP NUMBER 8! Good morning! Today's stop requires your participation

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